Helmet Restoration

On this page you will find a variety of the helmet restoration options and the prices that are offered. If you do not see a option you need please e-mail us for a quote. You can either use our shopping cart function or contact us direction for a quote. If you use the shopping cart function upon completion the shipping for where you are to ship your helmet will be provided to you via e-mail.
Your helmet will be well-treated while in our care. What you send us is what we work on and what we will return to you. It will be correctly restored and promptly returned.

Generally helmet restoration take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks to complete. Some of the more complicated paint scheme and ageing take time and can not be rushed. The paint I use is oil based enamel and is very similar to what the Germans used during the war. The paint takes about 2 weeks to completely cure.

When sending me your helmet, please remove the liner and split pins. If the split pins are original they are often weak and may break. I am not responsible for any broken pins. I am very gentle with them when I install the liners but still sometimes they are ready to break after 60+ years of being installed and re-installed. If your original pins do break I will offer you a set of my museum quality split pins for $9.00.

I feel it necessary to make this clear. I only restore what you send me. If the helmet has rust pits or dents when I get it, it will still have them when I return the helmet. I have been known to do some amazing thing with some less then perfect helmets but if you send me a rust bucket that was dug from the Demjansk pocket and you expect it to look factory fresh when I’m done with it. I am very sorry, but you will be disappointed.

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