German double decal M35. Aged to look and feel original. Shell is ET62 marked, made in 1937.

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This restored M35 is ET62 marked. The ET was stamped in the stylized gothic script used by Eisenhuttenwerke prior to mid 1937. The lot number of this shell indicates the helmet was made in early 1937.

The helmet was fully stripped of post-war paint then repainted the correct shade of pre-war pea green. Both Heer and National colors decals were applied with period resin. The inside of the helmet has a 1937 dated inspector’s ink stamp.

The helmet’s liner is the unreinforced aluminum version and is held into place by brass split pins as was the practice prior to 1938. The chinstrap has aluminum hardware and is dated 1937. The components are museum quality reproductions.

The helmet has been heavily aged to look and feel original. Double decals M35 are one of the most famous helmets of WWII. Here is your chance of have a great example without dropping 3K.

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