Inspector’s ink stamp

Inspector’s ink stamp




During the WWI & WWII and number of different manufacture and inspector ink stamps were used to mark helmet or their liners. A&S offers a variety of these stamps. Each stamp was carefully duplicated from an original example. We will stamp your helmet with any inks stamp of your choosing. For German M35 helmets, ET prone lion and 1935-1939 dated stamps are available. For M40 and M42 helmets individual factory stamps are available for all known German factories. For WWI German M16 or M18 helmets the inspectors AK stamp is available. For Austro-Hungarian M17s and Berndorfers the skirt inspector’s stamps are all. The following French M15 factory stamps are also available: Reflex Paris, Le Compagnie Colonial, Les Etablissements Japy de Fesches-le-Châtel dans le Doubs, Angus Dupeyron Paris.

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