Restored Japanese Type 90 helmet. Helmet shell is original. Repainted and distressed to look original.

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This original restored Japanese Type 90 helmet has been stamped with a star on the skirt indicating it was made by Daido Seiko. The helmet has been fully stripped of all post-war paint. As was the practice by Japanese factories the bare steel was treated with a chemical black finish and was then brush painted with the so called Japanese “dead grass brown” paint. As was often done after the pins and IJN insignia were installed the helmet was brush painted around the base of the dome covering the pins and insignia with paint. The size was hand rendered on the inside of the skirt of the helmet as was the Japanese practice.

The helmet was the heavily distressed both outside and inside to look and feel original. There is a concussion fracture on the skirt which was worked into the distressing process.

The helmet comes fit with a nice sweat darkened pig skin liner and cloth chinstrap.

This is a beautiful example of a Imperial Japanese Navy helmet and would look great in any Pacific collection.

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