Original Japanese type 90 helmet. Fully restored from bare steel to look and feel original.

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This is an original restored Japanese type 90 helmet. The shell is the large size, about a 59 cm and made by Seiko of Kobe.

The helmet was fully stripped of post-war paint. The bare steel was given a chemical black treatment, then brushed painted with a coat of “dead grass brown”, exactly was done by the factory during WWII.

The helmet was properly fit with a pig skin liner and cloth chinstrap. All the details are here including the proper Japanese issues ink stamps, gauze pads, and the size perforated on the back of the band.

The helmet has been heavily distressed to look and feel original. The chips and scratches have been applied in a manor to reflect action in the South Pacific and China. Such as chips from pavements and concreate which would have been experienced in urban combat in Shanghai, while other scuffs were applied using actual volcanic stone. Something that might have happened in Iwo Jima.

This is just the helmet for anyone interested in the PTO/ or 2nd Sino-Japanese War.

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