M18 German helmet size 64 Bell-L marked

M18 German helmet size 64 Bell-L marked


German M18 helmet in size 64. Made by  R. Lindenberg A.G., Remscheid-Hasten. With your purchase the helmet comes fully restored with liner in chinstrap. Your choice of M18, M24 or M31 versions.

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This is a rare Bell-L marked M18 helmet shell. The Bell or “rattle logo” indicates this helmet was made by  R. Lindenberg A.G., Remscheid-Hasten. This helmet was made in the last year of the Great War, but might have also been worn in the Weimar or early in the Third Reich era. The helmet is in great shape and can be restored to your choice of WWI, 1920s or Early WWII configuration. With your purchase you receive the helmet, fully restored with liner and chinstrap. If you’re a WWI reenactor this is the helmet you want, as the chinstrap always stays put unlike the old M16 version.

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