M17 Austro-Hungarian helmet size 66


M17 Austro-Hungarian helmet shell in size 66. Comes fully restored with liner and chinstrap of your choice.

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This is a rare M17 Austro-Hungarian helmet in size 66. This shell was made in 1917 or 1918. There is a small Star of David stamp on the skirt which is the manufacturing mark of Gebruder Bohler & Co., Kapfenberg. This firm was located in Stiria Austria. The inside of the helmet’s dome is stamped with a B indicating the steel was rolled by Bleckmann. The shell is in excellent shape and shows no pitting. These helmets were worn by the KuK in 1917 and 1918. In the 1930s these helmets were commonly worn as parade helmets by the SS. In the early part of WWII these helmets were also worn by the Heer and Luftwaffe. For the listed price the helmet comes with a liner and chinstrap and can be restored to the buyers choice of a WWI Kuk helmet, 1930s parade helmet or WWII transitional helmet.

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