Japanese type 90 helmet. The helmet is size large, and has been restored to look like it might have been worn by a member of the Imperial Naval Landing Forces.

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This is an original restored WWII production Japanese type 90 helmet. The helmet has a small star stamped on the skirt indicating the shell was stamped by Daido Seiko. The inside of the helmet retains the original factory brushed on Japanese “dead grass” brown paint. The original paint has been left as it was found. The size stamp in this case, large was hand paint onto the skirt and is original to the helmet.

The helmet has been restored to look like it might have been worn by a member of the Imperial Japanese Naval Land forces.

For the restoration process the outside of the helmet was fully stripped of post-war paint. As was done by the original factory the helmet’s steel was treated with a chemical black finish, then primed orange. The helmet was then brush painted brown. The color was matched to the original paint on the inside for consistency and an authentic feel. The helmet was fit with the proper pig skin liner, rice cloth pads and cloth chinstrap. As was common with members of the Naval landing forces the helmet was fit with a net, which might have held bits of foliage.

The helmet has been carefully distressed to give the look and feel of an original example. The finish bears chips and scuff consistent not just combat but from coral, sand and rocks. The sort of thing that would be encountered in places such as New Guinea and Okinawa. The helmet would display beautifully in any WWII Pacific collection.

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