Restored M38 Hungarian helmet, size 66. The helmet has been camouflaged and aged to look like it saw service on the Don Front

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This is an original WWII production Hungarian M38 helmet. The shell is size 66. The helmet has been stripped of all post-war paint and has been brought back to it’s WWII configuration.

It is often forgotten, but Hungary was part of the Axis cause and sent forces to fight along side the Germans during the invasion of the Soviet Union. This is the helmet that was worn by pretty much all Hungarian troops during WWII. The Hungarians also sold a large number of these M38s to Finland, so Finnish troops would wear them as well in the Winter War, as well as in WWII on the Leningrad front.

As was mentioned the helmet was stripped and repainted the correct shade of Hungarian brown-gray. The helmet was then over painted with a coat of winter white camoflage paint as was done on the Don front during the winter of 1942. The helmet was then heavily aged to look and feel like an original example. The helmet has been fit with the correct three-pad sheep skin liner, and spike buckle chinstrap. Both the strap and chinstrap were made in Budapest just like the originals were.

No WWII helmet collection is complete without a Hungarian helmet. If you have ever wanted the helmet worn by Hungarians soldiers fighting at Stalingrad, this is it.

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