Museum quality reproduction M38 FJ helmet w/Italian front camouflage and half chickenwire basket.

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This helmet is a museum quality reproduction of the rare German M38  Fallschirmjäger helmet. The helmet shell is one of the old At the Front American made reproductions. The shell is identical is size and weight to the original German made WWII versions. The helmet bears the proper CkL stamp of Eisenhuttenwerke, and a heating lot number that would put the production in late 1943, if the helmet was original.

The helmet was stripped of the ATF paint and repainted the proper shade of aluminum oxide textured field gray. A late-war CkL inspector’s ink stamp was applied in the dome. The helmet was then camouflaged with a coat of brushed on mustard ,thickened with wood chips and river gravel. The shell was then over sprayed with tones of grass green. This type of camouflage was typical on the Italian front, and would have been seen during the battle of Monte Cassino. A half chicken-wire basket was installed onto the helmet which would have allowed for the securing of foliage for further camouflage.

The helmet has been fit with the proper liner and chinstrap, held into the helmet with aluminum slotted bolts. The headliner is made from goat skin, and has the proper railroad track stitching, RB maker ink stamp and size stamps. All the details are there. The crash pad and spacers are made from real Buna-S rubber.

Like the helmet the chinstrap has every detail found on an original. The goat skin leather is properly dyed slate blue, and has real 1940s German news print sewn between the two halves, as was done by the WWII manufacturers. The friction buckle is phosphate coated. You won’t find a better reproduction.

The helmet has been heavily aged to look and feel original, and is a great example for any Italian front collection. If you lack 15-20k for the real deal, you can’t get a better example than this.

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