M38 Fallschirmjäger helmet size 71/59 reproduction. This helmet features all the details of the originals down to the Buna-S foam crash pad, Prym 4 snaps, and Eisenhuttenwerke dome stamp. If you want something as close to the original as possible without spending 18k this is it.



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This M38 Fallschirmjäger helmet is one of the old reproduction shells made by At the Front. It is the same size, shape and weight as the originals were. These helmets are no longer being made, and are superior reproductions. The back of the shell has a heating lot number that would put the production of this shell in late 1943 if it were original. The helmet is also stamped CkL71 which is the correct markings for a 1943 production M38 helmet.

This restoration was based on the camouflaged pattern worn by the 6th Fallschirmjäger during the Normandy invasion. The helmet has been stripped of it’s paint, then re-painted the correct shade of war-time rough textured field gray. An inspector’s ink stamp was applied in the dome. The shell was then brushed with ordinance tan paint and over sprayed with a shade of dark green for contrast. This camo pattern was also common on the Mediterranean front, and would have been seen on FJ troops at Monte Cassino.

The helmet has been fit with the proper liner, using steel spanner bolts. The band is aluminum, and had been welded together at the front, as was typically done on original examples. The leather bears the proper manufacture and size ink stamps. Most importantly the leather has the “railroad track” stitching seen on original examples. The crash pad and spacers are made from real fabric laminated Buna-S synthetic rubber.

The chinstrap is made from slate gray dyed leather has been fit with all vintage steel grommets. The friction buckle is phosphate coated as the originals were. The snaps are original and Prym 4 marked. Literally every detail you’d find on an original is here.

The helmet has been aged to look at feel like a battle worn original. Original helmets like this are rarely encountered and can sell for upwards of 18K. Here is the next best thing for a fraction of the price, and it will look just as good in your collection as the 18K original.

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