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This is a museum quality replica of one of the most famous helmets of WWII. The Deutsch Afrika Korps M71 Fallschirmjäger helmet. The helmet shell was manufactured here in the U.S. by FJ Werke, and is identical in weight and other specs to the originals. The heating lot number is 36. If this helmet was original it would have been made in 1940. The inside of the shell has the proper ET inspector’s ink stamp. The helmet is fit with a flawlessly reproduced liner. The leather is the proper goat skin, bearing Heisler maker India ink stamps. The crash pads and spacers are laminated Buna S rubber. The liner is set into the helmet using the proper 1938-43 era spanner bolts. The chinstrap is made from the slate blue dyed goatskin, and has original Prymm snaps, aluminum grommets, and a phosphate coated friction buckle. There is original WWII new print sandwiched between the leather, it can’t been seen, but it is a nice detail which all originals have.

The helmet has been painted the correct shade of aluminum oxide textured field gray. The proper Eisenhuttenwerke Luftwaffe decal was then applied using dammar varnish just like the originals. The helmet was then brush painted with a coat of tan RAL 8000 paint. The paint was applied during a 100 F day which created thick brush strokes often seen on original helmets worn in North Africa.

The helmet has been carefully distressed to replicate the conditions that would have been experienced in North Africa. Their is an overall great looking patina that will make any visitor to your home ask you where on earth you found such a rare example.

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