German M35, restored to look like it had seen service in North Africa. Shell is Q66 marked, with original paint on the inside. Liner is dated 1938, rebuilt with new aged leather. Fit with a M27 chinstrap.

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This original M35 shell is Q66 marked. The helmet’s lot number put the production in 1938. The helmet has been restored to look like it might have seen service in North Africa. The paint on the inside of the shell is 100% original WWII factory applied. The outside of the helmet has been repainted first factory apple green, then over paint with reissued field gray, then over sprayed with tan British vehicle paint, as was commonly done by German troops in North Africa. Tons of captured British paint was used by the Germans for camouflage purposes during the North Africa campaign. The Heer decal was masked off, but the national colors decal was painted over, it can still be seen under the paint.

The helmet has been fit with an original 1938 dated aluminum liner. It has been rebuilt with new leather which has been aged to look original. The chinstrap is the M27 carbine clip version often seen on early production M35s. The roller buckle is original. The helmet has been nicely weathered to look original.

If you have ever wanted an original DAK helmet, but find 4K out of your price range. This is a great alternative.

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