Original Restored German M35 helmet in size 66/59. Helmet has been restored to a 2-color Italian front camoflage pattern and comes fit with a German pattern net.

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This German M35 helmet restoration was inspired by camoflage patterns worn on helmets in the Italian front. The helmet shell is a ET66 marked, the heating lot numbers puts the production in 1939. The helmet has been totally stripped of post-war paint before restoration. The shell was first painted smooth apple green. The dome was ink stamped with the correct ET inspectors mark. Museum quality ET Heer and a national color decal was then applied to the proper sides. To show the evolution in service the helmet was then over-painted with aluminum oxide textured dark field gray per 1940 specs. The two color camoflage pattern of tan and green were sprayed onto the helmet with a paint gun just as the Germans did. As was frequently done on original examples the wet paint was sprinkled with wood chips which was intended to create a matte finish. The helmet’s net is the typical German pattern with a face veil, the veil has been pinned back in the typical fashion. The helmet and all it’s components have been heavily aged to look and feel original.

The helmet’s liner is original and dated 1939. The sheep skin leather is new, but has an original wool pad sewn to it. The leather has been aged to match the helmet. The split pins and slotted washers are the pre-war brass pattern and are each maker marked and dated 1938. The chinstrap is new but has an original pre-war aluminum buckle. The tip is maker marked and dated 1939. The leather has been likewise been aged to look original.

If you have ever wanted an original Italian front German helmet but you lack the 3-5k original example can fetch, this is a great example for your collection. With this one at least you can have confidence knowing you’re paying for a restoration.


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