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Restored German M35 Chinese KMT helmet 

This original German helmet size 66 shell lacks both factory stamps and heating lot numbers. In 1935 and 36 Eisenhuttenwerke produced a small number of M35 helmet lacking these stamps. Most of these were exported to places like Spain and China. Which makes this shell ideal for a Chinese Nationalist restoration.

The helmet was fully stripped of post-war paint, then repainted pre-war field gray. The inside of the helmet was ink stamped with the Eisenhuttenwerke prone lion logo, which is found on some Chinese export M35s. The helmet was then fit with an aluminum unreinforced liner, brass split pins, and a m35 chinstrap with aluminum hardware. The buckle on the chinstrap is original. The Chinese KMT ‘gear wheel” insignia was hand stenciled as all originals were.

The helmet was carefully distressed to give the look and feel of a battle hardened original. The chinstrap’s end was cut down to remove the slack as was often done. The outside bears the scuffs and abrasions you might find on an original that saw vicious urban combat in places like Shanghai, Nanking or maybe ending it’s service life in Burma.

Few true Chinese KMT helmets are on the collectors market today. They are highly sought after. Now you can have a great example for your collection at a fraction of the cost of an original.

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