1936 production M35 helmet restored to look like a Danzig Double decal Police helmet

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This restored German M35 is size 64. The helmet bears the early ET maker stamps in gothic script, and a 2000 series lot number. This indicates the helmet was produced in 1936.

The helmet’s restoration was based on helmets worn by the Danzig police in the roll up to, and subsequent invasion of Poland. The helmet was completely stripped of post-war paint then repainted the correct shade of pre-war pea green. A 1936 inspector’s ink stamp was placed in the dome. The helmet was properly fit with a pre-1937 unreinforced aluminum liner and brass DRGM marked split pins. A M1927 carbine clip chinstrap was used as was typical in this time. Both decals are museum quality reproductions and were affixed to the helmet with period resin.

The helmet was moderately aged to reflect light combat, service wear. These helmets were withdrawn from service in 1940, and this restoration was done to reflect that short service life.

Today there are few known Danzig helmets in existence. They are pretty much impossible to find. Still this is a great recreation made with all the correct parts on an early shell. Perfect to round out your WWII German helmet collection.



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