Fully restored M18 pre-war SS parade helmet. This restoration featured an original TJ66 marked M18 shell, and an original rebuilt 1931 dated liner.

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This original M18 helmet is TJ66 marked, indicating it was made by C. Thiel & Soehne, Luebeck during the Great War. The helmet has been restored to look like it might have been worn in the pre-war era as a parade helmet by the Allgemeine or LAH-SS.The helmet was totally stripped of post-war paint and repainted WWI field gray. As with original examples the semi-gloss black paint was appied directly over the WWI era finish. After the museum quality decals were varnish applied, the helmet was heavily polished multiply times by hand. The finish was then distressed to give the helmet the look and feel of an original example. The helmet exhibits typical chip and scuff that might have been experince from being dropped on German cobblestone streets during various rallies and parades. There are stacking scars which are often seen on original examples, as well as a few scratches that likely would have come from being carried around in a GI duffle bag post war.

The helmet has been fit with an original 1931 dated M31 liner. This is the extreemly rare 1st pattern version with a blued steel internal band, and M18 pattern chinstrap bales. The liner is secured with brass split pins and slotted washers as were used prior to 1940. The chinstrap used on this helmet is the Reichswehr M27. This high quality reproduction is correctly maker marked and dated 1928.

Today original SS parade helmets are highly collectable. These helmets often fetch between 15-20k. Here is a accuratly rendered restoration, with ever detail found on an original, for a fraction of the cost. Here if your chance to fill that hole in your collection.


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