Original M17 Austro-Hungarian helmet. Marked AW64, restored to a late-war autumn camo look.

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This is an original restored Austro-Hungarian M17. The helmet is AW marked which indicates the shell was made by the Western-Cilli factory, in modern day Slovenia. The paint in the inside of the helmet is still the original WWI factory paint and it has been left as it was found.

The helmet’s restoration was inspired by an original WWI vet Western Front bring back. A small contingent of Austrian troops served along side their German allies on the Western Front. At least a few did camoflage their helmets in this manor replicating the patterns used by the Germans.

The liner band is original in this helmet, it has been rebuilt with new pads. The grommets are original. The chinstrap is a reproduction, with original grommets.

The helmet has been distressed to look and feel original. Camoed Austrian M17s are pretty rare. Here is your chance to fill that hole in your collection.


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