Original restored Japanese Imperial Army Type 90 helmet. Made by Seiko Daido. The helmet has been fully restored and aged to look like an original example. The restoration features all the details found on original examples, including the proper cloth chinstrap and pig skin three pad liner.

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This is an original restored  Japanese Type 90 helmet. The helmet shell is completely free from cracks, pitting, and dents, it was also never re-worked in the post-war era and retains the liner mounted. The back of the shell is marked with the Japanese character for large, and a small star indicating the helmet was made by Daido Seiko. The Type 90 helmet was the standard helmet of the Japanese Imperial Army for the entire War. They can been seen in every Japanese action from the Battle for Shanghai to the collapse of Manchukuo in 1945

This helmet was stripped of all post-war paint. The steel was then treated with a chemical black finish just like the originals were. The olive brown paint was brush applied as was done in the Japanese factories during the war. Once the paint was dry the liner pins and IJA star were installed. A second coat of paint was brushed around the base. This was a common practice in the helmet factories at the time as a further protection against corrosion and paint loss as the helmets were stacked before delivery.

The helmet has been fit with the proper three pad pig skin liner, and cloth samurai style chinstrap, it was then aged to look and feel like an original helmet. You will find tons of small detains in the aging on this helmet. The leather has heavily darkened from sweat as you would expect from service in the heat of the South Pacific and the Far East. There are also scraps and scuff that you might expect from the coral sands of Pacific Island and chips from concrete and masonry consistent with the urban fighting in Shanghai and Nanking.

True Japanese helmets are rare. This is a great example for any Pacific Theater enthusiast.

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