Fully restored Japanese type 90 army helmet. Complete with pig skin liner. Distressed to look and feel orignal. Helmet is size large, and will accommodate up to a 58 cm head. This is the largest size made during WWII.

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This original restored Japanese type 90 helmet is maker marked with a star stamped on the skirt, indicating it was made by Daido Seiko. The helmet is large. The shell used for this restoration is flawless. It was not ground dug, nor was it modified by one of the post-war militaries. The shell was found in its original WWII configuration minus the paint.

The helmet was stripped of post-war paint then brush painted the correct shade of Japanese olive brown. The helmet was then heavily distressed to look and feel like an original vet bring back. The restoration has every detail you would expect to see on an original example. The liner three pad liner is made from pig skin as the originals were. It has the correct depot stamps, and has the size perforated on the rear, as was the Japanese practice.

If you need a great example of the helmet worn by the Army of the Empire of Japan, you can’t do any better than this restoration without spending close to 1K.


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