Restored Japanese Type 90 helmet. This helmet has been heavily distressed to look and feel like an original vet bring back. Fit with all the proper components from a pig skin liner down to the clay brown paint.

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This original restored Japanese type 90 helmet is stamped with a small star on the skirt indicating the helmet was made by Daido Seiko. The helmet shell is sized large, about a 59 cm. Many Japanese helmets were modified by post war armies. The shell has no extra holes and the liner and chinstrap mounts were never removed.

The helmet has been fully stripped of all post-war paint then the bare steel was treated with a chemical black finish then brush painted with the correct shade of Japanese clay brown.  The helmet was then heavily distressed to look and feel like an original vet bring back from the South Pacific. Many of the scraps were accomplished using coral and lava rock for a more authentic feel.

The helmet has been properly fit with a pig skin liner and cloth samurai style chinstrap.

This model helmet was worn by the forces of Imperial Japan from the streets of Shanghai to the bloody fields of Okinawa. Just the helmet for anyone interested in the Pacific theater.

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