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This is a restoration of the type of helmet worn by the Italian RSI troops on the Italian front during 1944-45. The helmet used here for this project is an original pre-war Italian M33. The paint on the inside is original, and was left as it was found. The helmet shell is size 57.

The outside of the helmet was fully stripped and repainted the correct shade of pre-war Italian green-gray. The outside was over-sprayed with tons of tan and grass green, as was a frequent choice of Italian troops. The RSI eagle stencil as well as the Italian colors insignia were applied over the camouflage pattern as was the Italian practice at the time.

The helmet has been fit with an original liner. The leather is in poor relic condition, but matches the over-all look of the helmet. The chinstrap is a high quality Italian made reproduction. It has the the proper House of Savoy property stamps on the tip. The leather and hardware have been heavily distressed to look and feel original, and match the helmet.

This is a great restoration for anyone interested in the Italian front.

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