German M42 SS camo w/wire basket size 64/56

German M42 SS camo w/wire basket size 64/56


German M42 restored to a three-color camo scheme with wire basket. Distressed to look original.

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This original restored German M42 helmet is size 64. The shell is CkL64 marked with a heating lot number indicating it was made in 1944.

As part of the helmet’s restoration the shell was stripped of post-war paint then repainted the correct shade of rough textured field gray. The camo pattern chosen here was meant to mimic the various SS camouflage patterns used on smocks. A small number of photos as well as helmets have surfaced showing that some SS soldiers sought to replicate such patterns on their helmets. The helmet also comes fit with a five-twist chicken wire basket which would have added further camouflage

The helmet comes fit with an original rebuilt liner, dated 1943. The leather is new but is expertly duplicated replicate the late war versions.

The helmet has been heavily distressed to look and feel original. This is a great example of an impossible to find helmet. Just what you need to round out your WWII collection.

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