ET66 Marked German M42. Helmet has been restored to look and feel like and original SS Normandy camouflaged vet bring back.

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This German M42 is size 66. The shell is ET66 marked, and has a lot number that puts the production in 1942. The lot number was struck twice, likely a factory error. The helmet was stripped of post war paint then repainted the correct shade of rough textured field gray. The inside has been ink stamped with a late war ET inspector’s mark. The 2nd pattern SS decal was properly applied with varnish like the originals. The helmet liner is a museum quality replica with all the proper details. The chinstrap is likely wise a high quality replica with war-time steel hardware and the correct maker marks and a 1942 date.

The helmet was over painted with tones of tan, green, and brown. The helmet was then distressed to look and feel like and original example.

SS Normandy camouflaged helmets are highly sought after and sell for thousands. Now you have have something that has the right look and feel for a fraction of the cost of an original.

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