Original German M42 helmet shell, restored to look and feel like an original vet bring back from the Italian front.

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This German M42 is maker marked CkL66 with a lot number that puts production in 1944 after the decal drop.

The helmet was stripped of all post-war paint then repainted the proper shade of rough textured field gray. The helmet was then over sprayed with tones of mustard and grass green. The wet paint was sprinkled with wood chip to flatten the finish as was often done.The helmet was then fit with a 5 twist chickenwire half basket.

The liner band is original, and is dated 1943. The chinstrap is RB marked and has war-time steel hardware.

The helmet was then distressed to look give the appearance of a battle worn vet bring back. This is just the helmet for anyone interested in the Italian Front.

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