German M42 size 66/59 Ardennes camo

German M42 size 66/59 Ardennes camo

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German M42 qvL marked shell restored to a Ardennes camoflage configuration. Aged to look and feel original.

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This is a rare qvL marked German M42 helmet shell, in size 66. To this day the maker is still unknown. German helmet shells are found marked both qvL, and bvL. The shape is similar to helmets made by Eisenhuttenwerke, so it maybe that these helmets were in fact made that firm but perhaps in a satellite facility, possible in occupied Czechoslovakia.

This helmet was fully stripped of post-war paint then repainted the correct shade of rough textured field gray. As the helmet was made in 1944, no decals were applied. The helmet was then fit with an original 1944 dated liner band to match the production of the helmet.

The restoration for this helmet was inspired by helmets worn during the Ardennes campaign. The helmet was brush painted with a coat of white paint for winter fighting, then fit with a five twist chickenwire basket, which would have aided in further breaking the helmet’s outline up.

The helmet was then aged to look and feel original, perhaps a helmet picked up by a GI, and proudly displayed on his shelf for years.

Winter camoed German helmets are exceptionally rare. Here is your chance to have a great display helmet that looks as good as an original without the crazy price.

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