German M42 helmet. Shell and outer band are original.

Helmet is  Size 64/57, restored to look like an original 3-color Normandy camouflaged example.

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This original German helmet shell is ET marked with a lot number that put the production in late 1942. The helmet was fully stripped of post-war paint, then repaint painted and textured the proper shade of WWII field gray. The inside of the dome was ink stamped with a late-war inspector’s ink stamp.

The Heer decal is a museum quality replica, and is identical to the version used by Eisenhuttenwerke. It even bears the so called dot by on the eagle’s claw and was applied with a natural resin. The helmet’s liner band is original and dated 1942, the leather, tie, and internal band are new, but perfect replicas

The helmet’s restoration was inspired by helmets worn German troops during operations in Normandy. The helmet was fit with a full European twist chicken-wire basket, then over sprayed with tones of tan, red-brown, and green. The wet paint was sprinkled with wood chips to create an anti-reflective finish.

The helmet have been heavily distressed to look and feel like an original example, perhaps a well cared for vet bring back. If you need a great looking helmet for your Normandy display you can’t do better than this.

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