German M42 Italian front camo restoration. The helmet is Ckl66 marked. Helmet has been distressed to look and feel original.

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This German restored M42 helmet is size 66 and marked, and was produced in 1943 by Eisenhuttenwerke. The lot number indicates the shell was produced right after the decal drop order. The helmet still maintains it’s original factory paint on the inside and was left exactly as it was found. There is a faint oval inspector’s ink stamp on the inside of dome as well.

The helmet has been restored to look like it might have seen service on the Italian front or Normandy. The field gray base has been over sprayed with tones of mustard and dark green which would have blended in perfectly with the Italian countryside. The wet paint was sprinkled with wood chips to flatten the paint as was a common practice at the time. The helmet has been fit with a five twist farm wire basket.

The helmet’s liner is a rebuilt original, made by Werner Zahn. It is a unique hybrid made by from steel but with aluminum chinstrap bales. Aluminum liners were discontinued in 1940 but sometimes older components were put into use later in the war as to not let old stock go to waist. The chinstrap is new, but as been distressed to match the helmet.

The helmet has been heavily distressed to look and feel like a true battle worn original. Care was taken to create chips and scrapes consistent with what an original might has gone though on the Italian front. There are scratches from masonry that might have taken place during the fighting at Monte Cassino.

Original M42s like this are quite scarce and sell for over 3k. Now you can have a great example at a fraction of that price and will display just as well.

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