German M42 size 62/55 Snow Camo

German M42 size 62/55 Snow Camo


German M42. BvL62 marked. Restored to a 1944 winter campaign camouflage pattern. Distressed to look and feel original.

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This restored German M42 helmet bears the BvL maker mark. To this day it is unknown which firm actually made these. It is speculated that the factory had some association with Eisenhuttenwerke, as the helmets from the two firms have a number of similarities. This helmet shell was likely made in 1944.

The helmet shell was fully stripped of post-war paint then repainted the correct shade of aluminum oxide textured field gray. The inside of the dome was stamped with an inspector’s ink stamp, an exact copy of the version found on BvL marked M42s.

The helmet’s restoration was inspired by those wore by German forces during the late winter campaigns of 1944-45. The unique geomatic pattern can be observed in a number of photos. The purpose was to break up the outline of the helmet.

The helmet comes fit with the proper late-war liner and RB marked chinstrap. All have been heavily distressed to look and feel original.

This is great looking helmet for anyone interested in the winter campaigns of WWII.

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