3 color Luftwaffe M42 Normandy camo. Helmet comes fit with an original rebuilt liner and a museum quality chinstrap.

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This original German M42 helmet is size 64 and is maker marked with a NS indicating it was made by Vereinigte Deutsche Nickelwerke AG, Schwerte.

The helmet was fully stripped of post-war paint then repainted the correct shade of Luftwaffe blue-gray textured with aluminum oxide. The proper NS ink stamp was applied inside the dome. The helmet was decaled with a rare subdued green decal. These decals were produced by Hubert Jordan and appear on a small number of M38s, M40s and M42s. This variant maybe a result of attempting to create a less visible decal, as the ivory version did stand out. The helmet was over sprayed with an attractive three color camouflage scheme of tan, green and red-brown. This scheme would have been typical of Normandy, but other fronts as well.

The helmet comes fit with an original liner, dated 1943, rebuilt with new distressed leather and a 1942 dated museum quality chinstrap.

The helmet has been heavily aged to look and feel battle worn and will display great in any one’s office or war room.

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