Original German M35 helmet in size 64. Restored to look like an original DAK battle worn vet.

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This original German M35 helmet is size 64 and was made by Quist. The lot number indicates 1938 production. The helmet has been totally stripped of post-war paint, then repainted the correct shade of pre-war apple green.

The helmet was then decaled with a Quist “Big foot” Heer decal and a national colors decal. A 1938 dated inspector’s ink stamp was also applied in the dome.

Both decals were applied with period correct varnish. The North Africa camoflage was brushed around he inside of the skirt and around the outside. The national colors decal was painted over, while the Heer eagle was carefully painted around as was a common practice. The helmet was restored to look like it might have been a depot refurbish from North Africa. The old pre-war liner and brass pins are long gone, and have been replaced with a newer aluminum liner dated 1941 and a set of 1941 dated steel split pins. The liner frame is original, but has been rebuilt with new distressed leather. The chinstrap is new, but the buckle and I bolts are original WWII German factory production.

The helmet has been heavily distressed to look and feel original. If you have ever wanted the helmet worn by Rommel’s Afrikaners, this is a great example at a fraction of the cost of an original.

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