EF66 marked M35. Restored and distressed to look and feel like an original DAK vet.

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This original German M35 is EF66 marked with a heating lot that indicates 1939 production. The helmet was fully stripped of postwar paint then repainted the correct shade of pre-war apple green. Both the Heer and national colors decal were hand applied using period resin. The helmet’s liner is original, and is dated 1940. It has been rebuild to distressed leather to look original. The chinstrap is likewise a quality reproduction.

The helmet’s restoration was inspired by helmets worn by members of the Africa corps. The helmet’s factory finish was over sprayed with so called Africa tan or RAL 8000. The decals were misted with paint, but can clearly be seen. The finish has been heavily distressed to look and feel original. There are stacking scars, chips from being dropped on rocks and scuffs and scratches from pebbles and sand. All of which you would expect to see on an original example.

This is just the helmet for any DAK enthusiast.

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