German M34 DRK helmet size 64/57

German M34 DRK helmet size 64/57

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Original German M34 helmet, restored to a DRK (German Red Cross) configuration. The helmet is fully restored and lightly aged. Comes with the correct Preßstoff liner and leather chinstrap.

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This is an original German M34 civil helmet. These helmets were worn by a number of German civil organizations including the DRK (German Red Cross) during the war. The helmet has been restored to look like it might have been worn by a member of the DRK. When German nurses were in an area that required extra head protection such as in a city under Allied bombardment, this is the helmet they would wear. Certainly helmets like this would have been seen during the bombing of Dresden, and the Fall of Berlin. The helmet has been stripped of post-war paint. It was then repainted field gray. These helmets were painted a number of colors ranging from slate to field gray. The DRK decal was applied using period methods. The helmet comes fit with a Preßstoff liner and slid buckle chinstrap. The helmet has been lightly aged to show routine wear, as might be seen in a hospital.

True DRK helmets are pretty rarely encountered. This is a nice example to fill that hole in your collection.

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