German M18 Transitional helmet size 64

German M18 Transitional helmet size 64


German M18 helmet in size 64. Restored to a heavily distressed Heer transitional helmet.

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This M18 German helmet shell was produced during the waning days of WWI. The helmet is K64 marked indicating it was made by J&H Kerkmann. The helmet’s restoration was inspired by those worn during the earliest actions the Wehrmacht was engaged in. This is the helmet of the invasion of Poland, not to mention the entry into the Sudetenland and Memel.

The shell was stripped of post-war paint then repainted the correct shade of 1930s pea green. The Heer and national colors decal were applied using period resin. The helmet took some battle damage at some point, when is hard to say as the helmet was painted fire engine red when it came into our procession. There are some great shrapnel dents, but no holes or welds. This damage was worked into the restoration giving the helmet a very battle worn look.

As this restoration was meant to give the appearance of a particularly early transitional helmet it was fit with a M24 liner and M27 carbine clip chinstrap. The base of the strap is dated 1928. The split pin are the brass M31 versions which were replacing the older WWI and 1920s era pins during the time that depots were reconditioning these old Great War era helmets.

The helmet has been heavily distressed to look and feel like an original battle worn example. If you have ever wanted an early transitional helmet this is a killer looking example to fill out your collection.

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