Rare M18 size 64 SS parade helmet. Restored and distressed to look and feel original.

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This restored SS parade helmet was made usingĀ  rare K marked M18 shell. The helmet was made in the last few months of 1918 by J. & H. Kerkmann, Ahlen/Westf. This is one of the more rare makers.

The helmet was fully stripped of all post-war paint then repainted the correct shade of WWI field gray. As with the original versions the helmet was over-sprayed with black semi-gloss paint, including the inside rim as was tradition. The Great War paint is still visible in the dome.

The helmet’s liner and chinstrap is the old WWI pattern. During the mid 1930s the SS continued to use the Great War era liners and chinstrap as long as they were serviceable. The decal has been applied with a period resin and are flawless reproductions. The runes decal is the so called “fat” variation.

M16 helmet with a “fat” runes decal applied

The helmet has been heavily distressed to look and feel original. The finish exhibits plenty of scuff and chips from being dropped on cobble stones, not to mention scratches from a Gew98. There is a ton of character to this restoration, you’ll think you have one of the 20k originals. This is just the helmet to fill that impossible to fill hole in your helmet collections.

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