German M18 helmet. Restored to look and feel like a circa 1935 Transitional helmet

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This is an original restored German M18 helmet. The shell is maker marked Si66 and would have been made in the summer or fall of 1918.

The helmet was fully stripped of post-war paint. As was the practice during the 1930s the helmet was brush painted with a coat of early 1930s apple green. The paint was applied in a manor to mimic the lead based paint of the era. The Heer and national colors decal were then both applied with period resin. The inside of the skirt was ink stamped with the helmet’s size for ease of recognition.

The liner used for this project is a rare hybrid of the old WWI M18 liner and the newer M24 version. As a cost saving measure during the 1930s many of the worn out M18 liners were rebuilt with new leather. The liner band here was fit with white chromed M24 pads, and stripped horse hair pillows.  This helmet shows a mix of the old and new helmet components. The split pins used to secure the helmet are the brass versions with slotted washers that came out in 1931. The chinstrap is the M27 versions and is dated 1928.

    The helmet has been heavily distressed to look and feel like a battle worn original. There is typical combat wear, as well as stacking scars from storage. This is the perfect helmet for anyone interested in the pre-war  or early years of WWII. If you have ever wanted the helmet of the Invasion of Poland or Czechoslovakia. This is it.

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