German M16 helmet size 62 Autumn camouflage

German M16 helmet size 62 Autumn camouflage



This original German M16 helmet shell is G62 marked indicating it was made by Gebrueder Gnuechtel A.G., Lauter i./Sa. These helmet shells are frequently mistaken as early production square-dips due to the exaggerated dip is the skirt.

The helmet has been restored to look like it might have been worn by a German soldier in the last months of the Great War. The helmet was fully stripped of post-war paint then repainted the correct shade of Great War field gray. The helmet was fit with the proper M16 three pad liner and M91 chinstrap with steel hardware. A autumn camouflage pattern of dark green, red-brown and mustard was then brushed over the factory paint. The colors were separated by finger width black lines as was recommended by General Ludendorff in his camo directive from the summer of 1918.

The helmet as been distressed to look and feel like an battle worn original. Lots of scuff and scrapes, with a beautiful patina. You’ll swear a dough boy brought it home in his kit bag. Just the helmet to complete a Great War collections.


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