Vietnam M1 Helmet w/ grafitti camo over circa 1968

Vietnam M1 Helmet w/ grafitti camo over circa 1968


Restored Vietnam era M1. The liner and helmet shell are original. The cover and graffiti  are new, but have been aged to look and feel original. Just the thing for any Vietnam collector or reenactor.

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This restoration was inspired by helmets worn by GIs during the Vietnam War. The helmet shell is an original WWII production rear seam M1. The helmet still has the gravel textured light green paint applied during the Vietnam era. The liner is 1960s production. The liner has been fit with an original 1968 dated sweat-band, chinstrap, and neck band. The Michelin helmet cover is a new reproduction, but has been aged to match the helmet. The cover is held into place with an original neoprene foliage band. The cover had been graffitied with a count down service calendar, a pin-up, the wearer’s blood type, and a number of sarcastic phrases.

During the Vietnam War the practice of applying graffiti with a black felt tipped marker was fairly wide-spread, especially after 1967. Everything on this helmet was replicated from original examples. Original Vietnam graffiti covers are rare, and highly sought after by collectors today. Due to this fact most of the so called originals on the market are fakes.

If you want a great looking example of a Vietnam M1 helmet with graffiti you can’t do better than this one, and you will know exactly what you’re getting.

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