Restored M1 Marine’s fixed bale helmet. Complete with mid-war Westinghouse liner and Marine helmet cover. Distressed to look and feel original

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This M1 helmet was made by McCord Radiator, the lot number puts the production in the early winter of 1942. The helmet retains all of the original WWII McCord factory applied paint and cork finish. It has been left as it was found. The buckle end chinstrap is also original to the helmet. The J hook is new but has been aged to match the fading and wear of the original buckle end.

The helmet has been restored to look like it might have seen service with a member of the U.S. Marines in Bougainville. The helmet cover is a excellent reproduction that was heavily aged to look and feel original. It is true HBT cloth. A cargo net was fit over the helmet to further break up the helmet, as was often seen in the South Pacific especially during Operation Cartwheel.

The helmet’s liner is original and was made by Westinghouse. This is the mid-war version with HBT cotton suspension and a “folded ears” neck band. The suspension is all original, the nape strap, chinstrap and sweatband are quality reproductions aged to match the helmet.

This is a great looking helmet that would be perfect for anyone interested in the South Pacific.



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