U.S. M1 fixed bale w/Firestone liner. Restored to look like a Marine’s helmet from 1943-45.

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This U.S. fixed bale M1 helmet is 100% original and still bears the McCord factory olive drab cork textured paint. The lot number is in the 100s, which indicates early 1942 production.

For this restoration the helmet was married with an original rebuilt Firestone liner. This is one of the early Firestone liners where the Firestone logo was stamped over the Inland manufacture stamp. The paint on the liner is original WWII applied, the webbing, sweat-band and the chinstrap are aged reproductions.

The helmet has been fit with a WWII Impressions reproduction reversible Marine helmet cover. This is the variant with button holes and can be seen being worn by Marines in many of the major Pacific battles of 1944-45. The cover has been heavily aged to look and feel original, and has that washed out sun damaged look you would expect from cloth that spent a lot of time in the Pacific sun.

Original Marine M1s are extremely rare, here is a great example without breaking your bank.


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