Original SSH40 helmet in size 2. The helmet has been restored to a winter camouflage look distressed to feel original.

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This Soviet SSH40 helmet may be war time production, but might be post-war as well. The helmet was fully stripped of all incorrect paint then repainted the correct shade of mid-war Soviet moss green. The proper ink stamp was applied to the helmet’s skirt. The helmet was then brush camoed white for winter camo. This was a fairly common common practice and can be seen in photos taken at Stalingrad, Leningrad, Kharkov, among other.

The liner and chinstrap are made from ersatz cloth, and are perfect replications of the original version. During WWII small shops and depots made pads and chinstraps for helmets using cloth they salvaged from worn out gear. The chinstrap has been fit with original hardware.

The helmet has been aged to look and feel like a battle worn original. This would be a great helmet for any Russian front collections.

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