Soviet SSH39 helmet size 2 Stalingrad Camo

Soviet SSH39 helmet size 2 Stalingrad Camo


Original restored SSH39 helmet with winter camoflage. Helmet is size 2 (59 cm) Features an authentic distressed finish, original chinstrap, liner frame, and distressed liner made with original Soviet WWII cloth. Perfect for any Russian front collection.

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This is a rare original restored  Soviet made SSH39 helmet. This helmet was made in the Krasny Oktyabr factory sometime between 1940 and the commencement of the SSH40 production. The helmet is size 2 or 58 cm. The paint on the inside of the helmet is original and still bears the remains of the original factory ink stamp. Unfortunately only part of the date can be read.

This helmet was restored to  look and feel like it might have seen considerable action during the battle of Stalingrad. The helmet was found with layers of post-war paint applied on the outside. The paint was removed then the helmet was repainted Soviet moss green to match the original paint in the inside. The proper red star was then stenciled in place, (it can be still seen under the white camoflage). The outside of the helmet was then brushed over the a coat of white enamel, as was sometimes done during winter fighting on the Russian front. Photos can be found of members of the Red army wearing white camouflaged helmets during the battle for Stalingrad, Leningrad, Narva and a number of others. The helmet was the distressed to give the look and feel of a helmet which had seen considerable urban war-fare. Scuffs and chips in the paint can be seen which reflect being drop or hit with bits of masonry or concrete as would be expected at Stalingrad.

The helmet’s liner frame, and chinstrap are both original. The liner is newly made from original Soviet twill. It matched the helmet nicely.

Original SSH39 helmets with camoflage are quite rare. Here is your chance to have a great example for your Stalingrad collection.

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