Soviet SSH36 helmet size II (56-57 cm)

Soviet SSH36 helmet size II (56-57 cm)


This is an original size II (56-57 cm) Soviet SSH36 helmet. The helmet has been fully restored back it’s original 1930s configuration, and appears as it might have during the Soviet-Japanese board class in Mongolia or in any number of early battles in WWII.

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This is a rare original SSH36 helmet shell. It was made in the 1930s, sometime before 1939. The shell size is II, which is about a 56-57 cm. The internet is full of restored originals, but the majority are ground dug and full of auto body filler and welds. This one is clean, and the steel looks as it did when it was made in the 1930.

Back ground

SSH36 helmets were the first true helmet produced by the Soviet Union for use by the Red Army. The helmet design had many flaws and would be replaced in 1939 by the SSH39 helmet. Still the SSH36 would see considerable service, from the Steppes of Mongolia, the frigid forests of Finland, the streets of Stalingrad, and even in Manchuria in 1945.

This Restoration

The helmet was stripped of post-war paint then repainted the correct shade of dark Soviet moss green. The classic Soviet Red star was the hand stenciled onto the front of the helmet. These stars were worn on SSH36 helmets until around 1941, but can be seen thought-out the war. The helmet has been fit with the proper cloth liner and corrugated tin spacer. The liner is a high quality replica made from vintage cloth and a true oil skin sweat band. The chinstrap is here the 1st pattern leather version. The Soviet would also use a twill and web version as well.

The helmet has been aged to look and feel like a battle worn original. If you have ever wanted one of these rare early Soviet helmets. This is a great example for any Eastern Front aficionado.



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