M1 Vietnam mid-war USMC helmet

M1 Vietnam mid-war USMC helmet


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This original rear seam M1 was made by the Motor Wheel Corporation. This firm made helmets between 1951-1958. This particular shell retains its original factory silica sand textured factory paint. The helmet’s chinstrap is likewise original.

This restoration features a reproduction heavily tattered Mitchell cover. The fabric shows water as well as sun damage as would be expected from service in South-East Asia. There are a few popular Vietnam era phrases graffitied onto the cover, a common practice among some GIs and Marines. The cover is secured onto the helmet with a bit of vintage innertube rubber. This was often done by Marines but was also done by GIs, just not as commonly.

The liner is dated 1953, and is MICARTA marked. The webbing is all original. The sweatband as well as liner chinstrap is new, but aged to match the helmet.

This is a great looking example of a well worn Vietnam helmet. Perfect for any reenactor or collector.


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