M1 fixed bale helmet. Restored to look like it was worn by a Marine Raider during early operations in the South Pacific.

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This original M1 front seam fixed bale helmet was made in 1942 by the McCord radiator company. The shell was stripped of postwar paint. The inside still retains the original WWII McCord applied paint and was left as it was found.


The inspiration for this restoration was inspired by helmet worn by the Marine raiders during their early operations in the South Pacific. During that time the familiar Marine camouflage covers were not available. Helmets were camouflaged using makeshift burlap cloth covers and hand tied nets.

The helmet was repainted the correct shade of WWII olive drab. The paint was properly textured with pulverized cork. The helmet’s liner was made by Mine Safety appliance. It was rebuilt with an early war configuration with rayon suspension and uncoated steel A washers. The A washers used on this helmet are original. The sweatband is the early non-adjustable version and is size 59.

The burlap shows traces of green paint as was often applied by Raiders. The contrast between green and brown would have blended in well in tropical environment. The net is hand tied as originals were. The patter was replicated from an original photo and is one of many versions used.

The helmet has been heavily aged to look and feel like and original example.  This is just the helmet for anyone fascinated with the Pacific Theater.

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