M1 fixed bale North African camo/South Pacific w/St. Clair liner

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Restored M1 fixed bale helmet with a North Africa/South Pacific camo scheme. Fit with an original St. Clair low pressure liner.

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U.S. Army troops in North Africa with “Mickey Mouse” camo

This original restored M1 fixed bale helmet was made in 1942 by McCord Radiator. The paint on the inside of the shell is original and has not been tampered with. The outside has been stripped of post-war paint then repainted and recorked the correct shade of WWII olive drab. The helmet has a hand rendered “Mickey Mouse” camo pattern done in mustard vesicant anti-gas paint. Camo patterns like this were applied in some units right before Operation Torch, and were frequently seen throughout  the North Africa campaign. These same patterns were also used in the South Pacific among both Army and Marines.


The helmet still has the original early war chinstrap with cast brass hardware. The helmet has been fit with a rare St. Clair low pressure liner. The liner is the early version with rayon webbing and a non-adjustable sweatband. The band is size 59 cm. The webbing is new, but the  St. Clair dark avocado paint on the outside, and uncoated steel A-washers are original. The helmet also comes with a O.D. #3 net, as were commonly used in both MTO, and Pacific. The helmet has been nicely aged to give the appearance of being battle worn.

If you have ever wanted a camoed M1 with a rare low pressure liner. Here is a great example at a fraction of the cost of an original.

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