Restored M1 fixed bale helmet, made by Schlueter, and fit with a MSA liner. Helmet has been restored to look like an original battle worn 4-panel medic’s helmet.

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This front seam fixed bale helmet has been restored to look like a 4-panel medic’s helmet. This is probably of one the most famous helmet of WWII thanks in part to Hollywood films. Medics during WWII wore a number of different types of Geneva crosses on their helmets, in various configurations. This version is one of the more common seen in the ETO

The helmet used in this restoration is a M1 front seam fixed bale helmet that was made early in 1943 by Schlueter manufacturing of St. Louis. The helmet does not have a factory stamp or heating lot number, however this is typical of Schlueter shells, as the firm did not start to mark their shells until sometime in mid 1943.

The helmet has been totally stripped of post-war paint and was recorked and repainted the correct shade of WWII olive drab. The chinstrap has been correctly bar-tacked and has mid-war stamped brass hardware. The Geneva crosses were hand rendered and all originals were. The helmet’s liner was made by Mine Safety Appliance. The liner has been rebuilt to a mid-war circa 1943 configuration and has the correct O.D. #3 suspension with green coated steel A-washers.

The helmet has been aged to look and feel like a battle worn original example. If you have ever wanted a WWII medic’s helmet but found an original out of your reach this is a wonderful example to fill that hole in your collection.   

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