M1 fixed bale 3rd ID w/Firestone-Inland liner


U.S. M1 fixed bale. Restored to look like an original WWII 3rd ID helmet from the Italian front.

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This original M1 fixed bale helmet was manufactured by McCord Radiator. The heating lot number is in the 600s, indicating the shell was made early 1943 before the switch to swivel bales.

The helmet has been restored to look like it might have been worn by a member of the 3rd ID during the Italian campaign or Southern France. The shell was totally stripped of post-war paint then re-corked and repainted correct shade of WWII olive drab. The 3rd Infantry division insignias were hand rendered on both side of the helmet as was done prior to the Anzio landing. The helmet was the fit with an original WWII Canadian vehicle net. During this period in the War the U.S. was still not producing helmet nets. In the 3rd ID the solution was to cut up Canadian and British vehicle netting and fashion a helmet cover. In the 3rd ID the practice was to strap the chinstrap around the back of the helmet then fit the net over it, rendering the chinstrap unusable. Instead of wearing the liner chinstrap over the brim of the helmet it was cinched down over the liner brim then wedged between the liner netting and helmet shell. This jammed the liner in place and keep it from moving around in combat.

The helmet’s liner was made by Firestone, but there is a very faint Inland stamp behind the Firestone stamp. Inland transferred all their liner making molds to Firestone in 1943, so early Firestone liners often have both stamps. The liner has original paint on the outside as well as original webbing, and green coated A-washers. The mid-war sweat band and chinstrap are both new, but aged to match the helmet.

The helmet has been nicely aged and weathers to give the appearance of a battle worn original. Original 3rd ID helmets are extremely rare and highly sought after. If you find an original out of your budget, this is great example for a fraction of the cost of an original.

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