M1 ARVN Ranger Helmet (SOLD)

M1 ARVN Ranger Helmet (SOLD)


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This rear seam M1 helmet is one of the versions made by Ingersoll in the 1960s. The helmet has been restored to look like it might have been worn by a member of the feared South Vietnamese ARVR Rangers.

The helmet’s outside was re-textured and repainted the correct shade of 1960s green. The ARVN Ranger panther was hand rendered onto the front over a orange, black and green camouflage pattern. This is one of many versions worn by the ARVN Rangers forces. Almost every panther is slightly different.

The helmet liner, suspension, and sweat-band are all original, and dated to 1966. This is one of the early pattern Vietnam liners. The chinstrap is likely wise original 1960s Vietnam issue. The helmet has been moderately distressed to look and feel original. This would be a perfect helmet for anyone interested in the Vietnam War.

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