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This M1 helmet is a late WWII production rear seam shell. It was made by Schleuter manufacturing of St. Louis, Missouri. At some point likely in the early 1960s it was stripped of its WWII era paint and repainted with the sand textured light green paint of the Vietnam era.

The restoration for this helmet was based on conversations I had with several living Vietnam vets I know. I incorporated some of the things they remembered about their own helmets, and others worn in their units.

The helmet cover is a modern reproduction. It was boiled in hot water then fit onto the helmet as was a practice during the war. The cover has been graffitied with a few of the popular phrases of the time, such as “We cure VC” and Don’t follow me I’m lost”. One side of the helmet bears a melancholy but popular poem from the Vietnam war. “We the unwanted are led by the incompetent doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful. The cover has been heavily aged and faded to look and feel original. It has been secured onto the helmet with an original neoprene foliage band. There is a name written on it, which is original. An ace of spades ‘death card’ is placed under the band.

The helmet comes with an original 1960s era Firestone airborne liner. The suspension in the liner is contract stamped, but the date is too faded. It is likely mid-to late 1960s. The liner is complete with a 1965 dated sweatband, and nape strap. The web chin cup is also present, and is original.

This is a great representation of a Vietnam era airborne helmet with all original part. Just what you need to round out your collection.

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